Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So, this blog is seeming to me to be more difficult than I had imagined. I haven't not posted out of laziness but out of trying to find ways to tie my life to anything Sylvia Plath. What of note has happened to me lately? This morning I got an email from my friend Sarah who is currently living in Germany with her husband (he's in the army). She is 4 months pregnant right now and I can't be happier for her. In fact, I'm way super excited about her baby. I'm way super excited about babies a lot lately, I have baby fever. I'm even super excited about my boyfriend's sister being pregnant and I demand he marry me just so I can be Aunt Chelsea.

However, this has nothing to do with Sylvia Plath... I'm off track. Sarah is living in Germany and I spoke to her on the phone on Sunday at which time she told me how being pregnant in Germany is different, and in her opinion better, than in America because they do ultrasounds monthly instead of only twice during the entire pregnancy. I asked her when she would know the gender of the baby to which she told me she wasn't sure but in one of her baby books it said at her stage the baby's genitalia has already developed but her friend Jessica didn't know the gender of her baby until 19 weeks (Sarah is 16 weeks). The day after our conversation she had an ultrasound and this morning I got an email from her saying "It's a boy!".

Of course we have, as most girls do, planned on marrying off our children to each other. I, of course, want to name a daughter Sylvia. Shortly after learning Sarah and her husband were expecting a boy I couldn't help but fantasize my dear little yet even conceived Sylvia and her dear little boy and, of course, Sarah's last name will also sound good with Sylvia. This is what I think about at my silly little job. Whether my future daughter will marry Sarah's son and will their name work? Either I'm that crazy or my job is that boring... maybe a mix of both.

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